Research projects

Department of Finance

  1. «Financial and Economic Problems of The Regional Sustainable Development» (registration number №0107U002368). Head of the project – Tkachuk I.H.
  2. «Clustering Strategy of The Regional Economy» (registration number №0110U002617). Head of the project – Tkachuk I.H.
  3. «Innovative investment models of socioeconomic regional development» (registration number №0110U000473). Head of the project – Tkachuk I.H.

Department of Management and Marketing

  1. «Creation of a Strategy for Socio-Economic Development of The Region: Human Dimension» (registration number № 0113U003548). Head of the project – Romaniuk M.D.
  2. «Convergence and integration of Ukraine’s regions into the European economic space: meaning, formation and development prospects» (registration number № 0113U003549). Head of the project – Tkach O.V.

Department of Accountancy and Audit

  1. «Development of organizational and economic mechanism for improving productional and economic structures of the region» (registration number № 0111U000875). Head of the project – Balaniuk I.F.

Department of Economic Cybernetics

  1. «Modeling of management processes in socio-economic systems» (registration number № 0113U005083). Head of the project – Blahun I.S.

Department of Theoretical and Applied Economics

  1. «Development of theoretical and applied management aspects of socioeconomic growth of the region» (registration number № 0111U007667). Head of the project – Pylypiv N.I.